VISISEEK 2.0 – Refreshed Website and Refocused Branding

As you’ve likely noticed by now, VISISEEK has made some key changes to its website and branding.  We’ve been looking forward to sharing our fresh new look for months and without further adieu would like to give you the grand tour!

So, what’s different?

Logo and Website – Let’s start with the obvious.  The website and logo have been remodeled to give you a clearer vision of who we are and what it is we do best: technical, analytics-driven marketing campaigns for creative agencies and in-house marketing departments.  A big thanks goes out to everyone – web design, developers, and Team VISISEEK – for their hard work and input in building the much improved site you see today.

Structure – You’ll find on our Services page that our branding now distinctly reflects VISISEEK’s four core competencies – RTB Display, SEO, Social Media, and PPC.  While these are all services we’ve been proud to offer in the past, these four in particular best describe our areas of expertise.

Multi-Channel Analytics- We took this opportunity to re-emphasize an idea at the core of VISISEEK’s values: “Consumers do not operate in channel silos, so neither should the marketer.” By incorporating data from across our four core competencies, VISISEEK’s marketing programs are designed to provide clients with the most sophisticated multidimensional insights into their customer base possible.

(dogs not caffeinated)

What’s the same? Even with the updates to our website and branding you’ll find we’re still:

Motivated – Continuing to bring the same passion for the digital marketing day-in and day-out.  We pride ourselves on staying on the cutting edge of the fast-paced internet marketing landscape.  Whether we’re researching the latest industry trend or diving into the latest installment of the VISISEEK Book Club, we’re focused on providing the most advanced digital marketing solutions available.

Dedicated – We’re committed to driving business results for clients and building lasting relationships with our partners.  For each of our clients, we design the most effective marketing plan to meet their short- and long-term business goals.

Caffeinated – Admittedly, some team members more than others, but we’re all energized by the unveiling of our new website and branding and are looking forward to hearing your feedback!

What do you think of VISISEEK’s new website and branding?

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    Congrats on the launch!

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