Why We’re Excited About Google Drive

For those that haven’t heard, last week Google released Drive, the search giant’s new system for cloud storage and computing. Most are familiar with Dropbox as a leader in cloud storage, allowing everyone from CEOs to your grandmother to access shared documents, photos, videos, and files remotely or from the comfort of their own device.

The “cloud” has gotten plenty of exposure in recent years and is seen as the way of the future by which businesses will have remote access to documents and media. What Google Drive brings to the table that other services may lack is both cloud storage and computing. For example, Dropbox offers remote access to files – similar to Drive – but in order to edit or collaborate on files, another program such as Microsoft Word or Powerpoint is necessary to make changes.

Google Drive allows for access to and collaboration on files stored in the cloud. And of course this new feature integrates with the Google accounts and Android devices many are already using.

An innovation like Google Drive is especially important to us because internet marketing demands fast paced collaboration. With Google Docs and now Google Drive, VISISEEK is able to work securely together in real time across the multiple devices and locations.

While we’re fired up about cloud storage and computing, not everyone shares our enthusiasm. Leading the charge against Google’s cloud storage and computing efforts of course is Microsoft. To get a taste for Microsoft’s disdain for this threat to their computing dominance, look no further than this one-sided albeit entertaining YouTube video created by Microsoft:

Does your business use the cloud? Have you downloaded Google Drive? Why or why not?

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  1. Chapolito May 17, 2012 at 7:37 am #

    That Microsoft ad is hilarious!

    I’m excited about Google drive because It’s cheaper than dropbox & I get a ton of space (25MB! for just $5/year) since I’m paying for gmail space already. And even without being grandfathered in it’s still much more affordable.

    Also, while the collaboration tools may fluctuate and not being there in the future, the “storage in the cloud” service will be available for a long time. Unless we see a massive migration away from Gmail, which I’m not forecasting.

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